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The Elohim – Sunday 18:30

We live in a god-congested universe.

This may come as a shock to you.

  • Secular society has done a great job of relegating gods to the fantasy world of our movies and mythical stories.
  • Liberal theologians do the same. They teach a worldview that ignore gods. They don’t take into account what the Bible teaches on gods. They dismiss all those texts in the Bible that talk about gods, idols, and demons as a premodern worldview. One that should be discarded.

But doesn’t the first of the ten commandments direct us to: “have no other gods before me”? (Ex 20:3; Deut 5:7) Why would that then be necessary?

If there were no other gods, then this commandment of God would not be necessary. God would not need to tell his people to ignore other gods and focus on Him instead … if there were no other gods in the first place. He could tell them how backward they are …

But, God does warn them about gods. And He does that repeatedly. No other gods but Me. “For I the Lord your God am a jealous God,” he says in the law (Ex 20:5).


Come and join us in this, the second of our series of seven messages on Spiritual Beings. Sunday 18:30 Summerstrand NGK.

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