Spiritual Beings – series of seven sermons begins Sunday 18:30

Two Realms

In the beginning God created two realms, the heavens and the earth (Gen 1:1). This is the setting for the story of the Bible. In the garden of Eden humans squandered their chance to rule the earth on God’s behalf and lost their access to this paradise because of their foolish rebellion against God’s will (Gen 3). This is the earthly part of the story we are quite familiar with.

Spiritual Beings

But there is another set of characters, the spiritual beings of the heavenly realm who also take part in this earthly story. Why? Because these two realms, the heavens and the earth, they overlap. With that we are not so familiar. Plus, there are deep misunderstandings of what the Bible actually teaches about these spiritual beings.

We will look in our series of seven sermons amongst others at the “host of heaven”, as Genesis 2:1 calls the sun, moon, and the stars that were created to rule over the day and the night (Gen 1:14-19). These heavenly bodies are real but also double up as symbols of real spiritual beings. The same goes for the snake in Genesis 3 who is both a real snake as well as a representative of a real spiritual being (Rev 12:9; 20:2).

We are going to look at the following spiritual characters in the Bible:

  1. Spiritual Beings – 21 July – this Sunday
  2. Elohim – 4 August (we skip a week due to Missions Sunday with the Brinks)
  3. Divine Council – 11 August
  4. Angels and Cherubim – 18 August
  5. Angel of the Lord – 25 August
  6. The Satan and Demons – 1 September
  7. The New Humanity – 8 September

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