Brief oor Belydenisgroep

Ons belydenisgroep besoek jaarliks verskillende kerke om te leer van kerkgeskiedenis en die verskille tussen die onderskeie kerke.

Na hul besoek verlede weekaan die San Francesco Rooms-Katolieke Kerk in Charlo, het ons die volgende brief ontvang:

I would like to commend your young people on their visit to the parish here yesterday. They were quite interactive and most certainly wish to compliment them on their outstanding behaviour, their respectfulness and friendliness. It was indeed a great pleasure to have them share the Sunday worship with us and they and any future confirmation classes would be most welcome to join us anytime again.

I hope that it was a faithfilled and blessed experience for them as well. I wasn’t able to spend much time with them after the Mass as I had baptisms and another service in Italian immediately after the 9am service, so I do apologise for that.

On behalf of the parish, I wish to extend our sincerest best wishes and congratulations to the young people who were confirmed on the 20th February and who had visited us last year. We pray that the gift of the Holy Spirit may deepen their faith and their love of God.

Thank you once again, God bless you, your family and your community.

Fr. Dominic



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